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Great Albums: The Posies "Blood Candy", 2010 album on Rykodisc

Ok, it's probably a little too recent an LP to claim it to have changed my life...yet. I will however say that this LP has kept me indoors more often as I've been playing it so much. So it's contributed to a drop in Vitamin D in my system. But that's more than compensated by a boost in endorphins as well as a surge in insulin, because as the name suggests it's as sweet as it is brilliant. This is a finely honed album, crammed with fantastic songs very much in the classic Power Pop style of Jellyfish, Big Star and the usual suspects.  But this record is so much more than I can illustrate here. The songs are so strong, filled with killer hooks and gorgeous vocals. It even features THE STRANGLERS HUGH CORNWELL, which could have put me off but I could not make him out anyway-so it's fine. This is their 7th album, and if the others are as good then they must surely be a contender for band of the decade (or three). A truly classic album, which is only marred (on vinyl anyway) by a slightly flat mastering and/or cutting job, but it's good enough to play over and over and with songs so good, it's hard to fault anyway. Get it!

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