Outrageously bad album covers #1: JOHN WOODHOUSE & HIS MAGIC ACCORDIAN

Part of an occasional series, to amuse myself mainly, I am featuring some of the worst (or best, depending on your eyesight) album covers that make it over our doorstep.

#1: JOHN WOODHOUSE "THE BEST OF" (PHILIPS UK 1970 LP), this gruesome example was released to general indifference in 1970, I cannot imagine who the target audience were? Blind old ladies most probably. "Woodhouse" was obviously a nom de plume for Dutch accordion wizzard Johan Holshuijsen if the credits are to be believed. Cantering through a bevvy of standards old John was hoping for a wider audience with this British release. Note that he had already rolled out the world map to plot his global tour once fame took hold. Alas it never did, and John no doubt went back to Headmastering at the boys' school  in Eindhoven or something...

The magical accordion sounds of John. Not.

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