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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746

In stock: THE JUNIPERS "PAINT THE GROUND" on yellow vinyl, only 250 copies pressed!

THE JUNIPERS "PAINT THE GROUND" (SUGARBUSH RECORDS SB600), 2nd pressing of this classic LP, this on yellow vinyl - only 250 pressed. £18.99 including postage anywhere. 

This incredible album saw it's first pressing on SUGARBUSH RECORDS back in March 2014. That run of 300 sold out in a very short time! Due to the value this original pressing shot up to in a very short space of time and the fact that so many collectors kept asking us for copies we decided to repress it. The album is a real grower, and has found huge favour as a "lost" Englsih Underground classic (in a way it is, when you consider the tiny quantities we have pressed, repress notwithstanding). Shades of the Byrds (ok they are American but had a huge influence on nearly all British bands of the Underground at the time), very early Fairport Convention, Help Yourself (remember them?) underpin a fantastic set of songs, beautifully played and sung by one of the best singers on the scene today, Robyn Gibson. This is a band that like to do things their way and in their own time. They will never be massive but their music will be remembered for a log long time and their importance will grow in years to come. Do not miss out on a quintessential English Folk-Rock classic. This time the edition is of only 250 copies on yellow vinyl.Selling fairly briskly, so expect this to sell out in due course.

Here are some more details about this classic record:


"Paint The Ground" simply put, evokes giants. "In My Reverie" and "Phoebus Filled The Town" occupy the same bittersweet melancholic realm as Midlake's "Trials of Van Occupanther". "They Lived Up In The Valley" perfects the close harmony acoustic magic that Pink Floyd were occasionally dabbling in between "Zabriskie Point" and "Meddle". "Willow & The Water Mill" has the quietly swelling glory of mature Teenage Fanclub at their most pastoral. Elsewhere there are echoes of everyone from early Stone Roses to "Nuada" era Candidate.

There are many that would perhaps regard these comparisons as doing a disservice to "Paint The Ground", The Junipers after all do have an identity of their own. The point that I'm trying to make is that while others evoking such noble forebears would lurk in the corner, unsure of themselves and shuffling their feet uncomfortably, the songs on "Paint The Ground" can stand proudly and confidently amongst them and cast fairly lengthy shadows of their own.

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