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ORGONE BOX "THE LORNE PARK TAPES" LP buy it now from on vinyl.

ORGONE BOX "THE LORNE PARK TAPES" (SUGARBUSH SB019), limited to 250 copies on melancholic black vinyl!
Rick Corcoran, one man Pop legend, returns to SUGARBUSH RECORDS with a fantastic album of vintage 4 track demos from the early 90's. With many previously unreleased and rare tracks classic this LO-FI LP nevertheless sounds like a lost gem from the late 60's. Guitars jangle and phase, vocals and harmonies flange in and out of range and the songs are some of the best the great man ever wrote. When I say "lo-fi" I am being disingenious actually, the sound (considering the limitations of the 4-track cassette medium) is actually superb, if a little closer to the mid-range than most modern recordings. If you liked his CENTAUR album (now deleted and sold out) you will love this 11 tracks of amazing Pop Confectionary valiantly produced on a vintage 4-track cassette recorder, lo-fi or not - this is Pop Heaven! This is very limited on vinyl and will not be repressed.SOLD OUT!

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