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THE PARSON RED HEADS - "IN A HAZY DREAM", for sale on vinyl.

THE PARSON RED HEADS - "IN A HAZY DREAM" (YOU ARE THE COSMOS, SPAIN LP), this fantastic album is on its second pressing nowm this time on red vinyl - the first pressing from a few years ago having sold out in double quick time.

"Portland quartet the Parson Red Heads may well be the epitome of the 'under-appreciated band'. Sure, they've got fans (and anyone who hears their music tends to become one of these), but this is a band who should be reaching millions, not thousands of listeners.

The Byrds meet Big Star, with a healthy dose of the Jayhawks on these exquisite country-pop gems. There are certainly correllations to be made between the Parson Red Heads, and another band beloved of Active Listener readers - the Young Sinclairs. Both channel vintage influences into fresh, timeless songs, which are more than the sum of their influences." (Nathan Ford

£19.99 (no postage charged).
Parson Red Heads

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