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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746


DANIEL WYLIE'S COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS "SCENERY FOR DREAMERS", another volume in our SPECIAL IMPORTS series (IMP044), another fantastic album by Glasgow's premier tunesmith, Daniel Wylie. As good or even better as anything he did with his band COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS, and indeed resurrecting that band name of late, this album is yet another selection of great umbers, beautifully recorded and well produced. Strong Crazy Horse leanings and recalling the best Neil Young mid 70s output ever tracks of this album is a classic and full of vigour with a muscular production to match. It is great to see him write and record so much in the last few years and getting the recognition he deserves, a few more years of this and we shall start calling him a "legend". Keep it up, Daniel -  great work! £18.99 including postage anywhere.

Daniel Wylie - Scenery For Dreamers

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