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Green Pajamas "Poison In The Russian Room" out on vinyl for the first time, 300 copies only - on Sugarbush

GREEN PAJAMAS - "POISON IN THE RUSSIAN ROOM" (SUGARBUSH SB062), amazing long lost previously CD-only cult album by Seattle's amazing GREEN PAJAMAS is out finally on vinyl.
 Listen here!

"Nobody likes to throw around terms like “criminally underappreciated” and “under the radar” more than rock critics, but it’s impossible to talk about the Green Pajamas without bringing those hoary old terms into play. Singer/songwriter Jeff Kelly has been leading the Seattle-based band since 1984 (not counting an early-’90s sabbatical during which he worked as a solo artist), turning out an endless stream of enchanting albums that feed on the spirit of ’60s psychedelia but always remain decidedly contemporary. The Pajamas are the kind of band that has long seemed ripe for a renaissance, maybe some flavor-of-the-moment artist going public with a deep Pajamas fixation, the sort of thing that would lend the group some hip cache. But it never seems to happen. After all these years, they remain, to use another well-worn phrase, a well-kept secret." (Prefix Mag)
Limited to only 300 copies, on 140gm virgin audiophile vinyl - remastered - sealed with disc housed outside the cover and in lined inner sleeve for extra protection. Pressed on green vinyl!  Only £19.99 including postage anywhere!

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