ORGONE BOX "CONFECTIONARY" ltd. edition vinyl of 120 copies, Powerpop classic

ORGONE BOX - "CONFECTIONARY" (SUGARBUSH SB069),  a straight reissue for the first time ever on vinyl of the 1996 Japan-only CD by Sheffield's ORGONE BOX. This abum, when first released, caught on like wildfire in the Pop community and influenced many a great artist - not least COTTON MATHER who took the blueprint for this album and developed it into 1997's KONTIKI.

"John Lennon is alive and well, and before you ask, no, he doesn’t have a monobrow. These days he passes himself off as Rick Corcoran, whose Orgone Box album from 1996 does Beatles-era Revolver better than any of those oh-so-hip US bands you could care to mention. It’s a real contender for the best pop-psych album of the last decade." (POPJUNKIE review)

120 copies only on 140gm virgin vinyl, no repress. But it now including free postage anywhere. (pictured are front and back sleeve design template) SHIPS JUNE 1ST

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