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Piero Umiliani - "L’Uomo Elettronico" just released 2Lp of Italian ELECTRONIC MUSIC from 1972 to 1983! BUY IT HERE NOW

Piero Umiliani - "L’Uomo Elettronico" (FOUR FLIES RECORDS - FLIES 50, ITALY IMPORT LP), out this week is this amazing and ultra limited deluxe 2LP set of ELECTRONIC MUSIC by a genius of the genre. We have partenred up with FOUR FLIES RECORDS to be able to sell this album from our Uk base. 

Twenty years ago, what is probably still the best collection of music  by Piero Umiliani, “Musicaelettronica”, was released on Easy Tempo (in our opinion, the finest Italian soundtrack label ever).  The album, curated by Rocco Pandiani, focussed on the astonishing creative mastery with which Umiliani played around in his Sound Work Shop studio, where he had all kinds of analogue machines to
experiment with.

Not only did albums like “Musicaelettronica” inspire the very existence of Four Flies Records, but our new Umiliani release, L’Uomo Elettronico, follows on precisely from where “Musicaelettronica”  left off. While Pandiani’s selection provided an insight into the playful, lighter side of Umiliani’s electronic music, our release explores its introspective, esoteric side.

There is a dreamy, ambient quality at work here: the Maestro builds hypnotic, minimalist sonic landscapes through layers of sharp synths, including Moog, Arp, and VCS3. This music could fit equally well in a sci-fi documentary, a post-apocalyptic film, a television report on climate change, or a journey through outer space.

L’Uomo Elettronico features 3 previously unreleased tracks, as well as rarities and hidden gems, all composed between 1972 and 1983 and remastered from the original analogue tapes.


Buy it here now: please choose the correct option for postage depending on where you live (option 1 is UK delivery, option 2 is Europe/USA/Japan/ Australia and anywhere else!) Price stated is the total cost for LP  including postage!


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