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BHOPAL'S FLOWERS - "ALSTROEMERIA: A Journey On Earth & Beyond" // Sugarbush Label - on 2LP deluxe vinyl, buy it here now.

BHOPAL'S FLOWERS - "ALSTROEMERIA: A Journey On Earth & Beyond" (SUGARBUSH SB079), this amazing 2Lp set is out soon on vinyl on Sugarbush. Limited to only 200 copies. Presed on deluxe 140 gram vinyl this is available from Sugarbush.

From Canada, BHOPAL'S FLOWERS fuse deep 60s Psychedelia with Indian sounds of Sitar. Influenced by Psych heavyweights such as MUSIC EMPORIUM, REIGN GHOST, THE DAVID, COMMON PEOPLE this is one of the finest modern Psychedelic albums I have heard. 

"...this 2LP set recalls 1960s psychedelia but not overtly so, and the trippy hippy elements don’t bury the melodies. The sitars have a hypnotic quality and the band’s style shifts enough to keep you engaged, like “Tomorrow’s Heroes” adds plenty of hooks to all that jangling guitar. This is a long player with 16 tracks, and while the sunshine is one half, the darker themes come out on the second half. Plenty of standouts here too, with “What About You” and the slinky “A Night At The Devachan.” High-quality arrangements are everywhere, and it ends with a cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free.” A MAJOR trip and Highly Recommended." (Powerpopaholic review)

Pre order now! In stock June 5th 2021. Please note difference in costs for Uk delivery and overseas shipping (EU, US, Japan and elswhere), 2 options to choose from - also we declare a value of £8.00 per Lp for overseas shipping.


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