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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746

Buy SUGARBUSH LABEL LPs. Part Two: 2016 onwards...

SUGARBUSH RECORDS-a label that loves its music - on vinyl! At Sugarbush Records we press limited edition, high quality vinyl albums and singles. We love outsider music, be it cool Power-Pop, Psych or Indie. We bring you some of the best bands you may never have heard of but you ought to listen to.

Free postage worldwide for all our releases: Wherever you live in the world the price you see is what you pay, no extra postage!

Buy 1 or 100 albums and postage is free. Collector or dealer/ This is the place to buy SUGARBUSH RECORDS releases. Can you ask for a better deal? No, so go ahead try our releases - you will love them! 

It's easy: Just click"Add to Cart" on any album you'd like. Click multiple choices (so more than just one album) and your shopping cart will update. When you are ready to pay, click "checkout" on the cart and pay either by Paypal or with your credit/debit card.

Enjoy our selection. This page covers part 2 of our catalogue, starting in December 2016. For Part 1 please click on the link just above.

GREEK THEATRE - "BROKEN CIRCLE" (SUGARBUSH SB033), the second and long awaited-album by Sweden premier West Coast Psych act. The first album "LOST OUT AT SEA" was a gem of an LP and took many people by surprise such is its quality. This brand new album is the sequel of sorts but goes much deeper into full-on Psychedelia yet retains -  and even improves on - their excellent songwriting. While a lot of modern Psych bands adhere to trance like Floydian Spacerock it is a rare thing to find an album of song based Psychedelia, which is what this album gives you. And then some. Limited to only 300 copies (and with no repress) £19.99 including postage anywhere. (The drop down menu on this paypal button also lets you buy their fantastic debut LP, at only £14.99!)

Greek Theatre Lps:

THE BRERETONS - "KEEP YOU SAFE" (SUGARBUSH SB034), Kent's Brother & Sister led THE BRERETONS have been plying their trade locally for many years. With this, their debut album, their are set to break out internationally. A fantastic record of English Rural Gothic Psychedelic Roots Rock with shades of Cowboy Junkies, The Walkabouts & Yo La Tengo this incredible album is set to become a modern classic. Incredible musicianship, also featuring KULA SHAKER'S Paul Winter-Hart on drums, sublime arrangements, lush strings and - above all - top notch songwriting make this a very special record. Singer Charlotte Brereton (who is incredible live) really shines too on this LP. This limited edition comes in two colours: Blue (200 copies) & green (200 copies). £19.99 including postage anywhere.

Breretons - Keep You Safe LP (free postage)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "A SPOONFUL OF SUGARBUSH" (SUGARBUSH SB27), the "lost" SB027 album is finally upon us. Over a year in the making this compilation of SUGARBUSH RECORDS released artists and good friends is an excellent introduction to the label. The added bonus is that all the tracks on here are otherwise unavailable on vinyl, at the time of release anyway! So there are unreleased vinyl tracks by: DOWLING POOLE, ORGONE BOX, CHRIS RICHARDS, ROBYN GIBSON & DUNCAN MAITLAND, HANGABOUTS, WALL OF ORCHIDS (Pop genius' Lane Steiberg's pre 8x8 project), GREEN PAJAMAS, TROLLEY, CADDY, ANDY REED as well as newcomers MALADAPTIVE SOLUTION! All fantastic tracks and housed in a sixties Pebbles sampler - type sleeve! Only £18.99 - 150 copies on green vinyl and 150 copies on red vinyl.

Various - A Spoonful Of Sugarbush

JUNIPERS - "PAINT THE GROUND" (SB600), the third pressing of this legendary album. This limited to 150 copies on brown vinyl. The second pressing on yellow is virtually sold out now (the first pressing sold out in an instant some years ago) so we expect this limited repress to go the same way. This is a legendary album now and that is only a few years after its first release. Every tracks is lovely and I suppose if I had to wrap up the sound in a few words it would be BYRDS- NOTORIOUS BYRD BROTHERS. However, it is so much more than that and most surely a classic on its own feet. A British Psych classic, to be sure. £19.99 including postage anywhere

Junipers Paint The Ground on brown wax! (150 copies)
THE WELLGREEN - "SUMMER RAIN" (SUGARBUSH SB036), well what can I say about this album? Not much in words that actually conveys how effortlessly brilliant this album is, that is for starters. This is an amalgam of the best sounds that artists such as Emitt Rhodes, Blue, Bread, Big Star (yes, again!) and Paul McCartney made in the early to mid 70s. Don't get me wrong, this is a contemporary Scottish band put who have their feet firmly planted in the early 70s sounds of melodic guitar pop. The opener "Summer Rain" hits you with harmonies over a solid beat backing of simple guitars, piano and bass/drums. The second track is even better, "Maybe It's The Pressure Of The City Life That's Tearing Us Apart" is a wonderful song that reminds me of everything I love about pop. From then on there is no letting up and this album is BRILLIANT from start to finish.

On green vinyl with postage

DROPKICK - "HOMEWARD", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 032), a wonderful album - on vinyl - of course by this fantastic Scottish band. Another beautiful album of amazing songs in the fine Scots tradition of bands such as TEENAGE FANCLUB, THE WELLGREEN and COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS (the DANIEL WYLIE version!). Every song as on our other album offered here by us is a winner and we are pleased to say that we will be releasing their new album this summer. Listen to this very limited pressing and get a taste of what is to come on Sugarbush!

DROPKICK - HOMEWARD LP (free postage)

DROPKICK - "BALANCE THE LIGHT", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 031), their brilliant 2016 album which has gone down a storm and has seen the band tour in Europe as well. TEENAGE FANCLUB, THE WELLGREEN and COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS (the DANIEL WYLIE version!) are recalled by their amazingly well crafted songs a lush harmonies. If you yearn for Jangle as well as harmony then this is for you.


JOSH ROUSE - "THE HAPPINESS WALTZ", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 030), Alt-Country, Americana - call it what you will but this excellent singer-songwriter is a legend in some places and for good reason too. Both albums we have on offer are gems of understated beauty and coolness.


JOSH ROUSE - "THE EMBERS OF TIME", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 029), Alt-Country, Americana - call it what you will but this excellent singer-songwriter is a legend in some places and for good reason too. Both albums we have on offer are gems of understated beauty and coolness.



KEN SHARP - "MY FAVOURITE SONGBOOK", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 028), released by our best friends down in Spain - YOU ARE THE COSMOS - another album of well crafted Powerpop and a must for fans of RENO BO, NICK PIUNTI, LEGAL MATTERS or CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS. A really strong album.


Test Pressings for sale: We have various white label test pressings in normal colour covers available for sale. These are all on black vinyl making them - in some cases - the only black vinyl versions in existence of our coloured vinyl releases. All are very limited and once a title is sold out you won't be able to add it to your cart, so be quick! They come in the normal sleeve (as you would get for a normal release) and are generally limited to ONLY 5 copies! See drop down menu further down below for artists and prices. 

Limited black vinyl test pressings by JUNIPERS, PUGWASH, 8x8, TROLLEY, GREEN PAJAMAS, the GATHERED LEAVES sampler, NICK PIUNTI, CHRIS RICHARDS, DOM MARIANI & THE HANGABOUTS.  So if you collect the label or fancy taking a punt on future value of an album of which only 5 copies exist, then click on the drop down menu and see what you will be able to invest in. The music is great too of course so have a look.

Test Pressings

Test Pressings Part 2

THE JUNIPERS "RED BOUQUET FAIR" (SUGARBUSH SB024), the amazing Junipers release their second album on Sugarbush Records. Limited to 250 copies on red vinyl and only 235 copies on black vinyl, this is one of the absolute highlights of 2016 for us. Their first incredible album for us "Paint The Ground" sold out its first pressing in about 1 month back in 2014 and the yellow vinyl 2nd pressing is also almost sold out.
In short, this is a highly collectable and much loved band and we have no reason to assume this very limited pressing will also sell out in a short time. Musically, it is brilliant, a fantastic slice of 60s-tinged English Psychedelic Pop. Although only just released it has "classic" written all over it and will in time be seen and heard as one of the finest British Guitar Psych/Pop albums of all time. On offer here is the ultra limited (200 copies) second pressing on BLUE vinyl!

On BLUE vinyl with postage

8x8 - Inflorescence (Sugarbush SB030), out now is 8x8's third album and only the second to be released on vinyl. This is pure genius: A magical blend of Beach Boys and Beatles inflected Pop tunes but in a very contemporary setting and by no means derivative or inferior at all to those great artists. Considering that this is a part time project and done on a very small budget with only two persons making the music you could, and I would, argue that this is a mini-masterpiece of modern Psychedelic Pop music. Track after track transports the listener to musical places long unvisited such is the majesty of this great record. Perhaps there is a hint of DIY to the recording process that manifests itself on the first play of the record, however any qualms (and I did not have any) are blown away in seconds as the lush quality of the playing and writing hits your ears. This is simply a record that will one day be revered and the sheer talent of its main protagonist, Lane Steinberg, will be nearly elevated to genius status. That is not to take anything away from Alex Khodchenko who plays guitar and also desibed the sleeve. The two musicians recorded this record over 6000 miles as one lives in New York and the other in Ukraine! A great work lovingly pieced together by two people who have never met in person but who obviously share a great musical affinity.  Buy this record, it is amazing. £19.99 including worldwide postage.

On transl. opal vinyl with postage

Trolley - "Caught In the Darkness" (Sugarbush SB032), out now is the 2nd album by the amazing Trolley. Possibly the finest combination of Psych-Pop, Garage, Powerpop and Moptop Jangling heard in the past 20 years and in fact since the halcyon days of Voxx and Bomp records. However, Trolley have produced and album that puts even the finest records on those labels into a different context. Housed in a wonderful sleeve designed by Adam Widener (who also made out previous Trolley sleeve as well as Dukes of Kent and Greek Theatre) and pressed on beautiful orange vinyl this is a must have album. £19.99 including worldwide postage, 250 copies offered.

On orange sorbet vinyl with postage

DANIEL WYLIE - "THE BEST OF THE SOLO YEARS (2004-2014)", another volume in our "special imports series" (IMP 027), Daniel  got back into having his records issued on vinyl when we released COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS' PANORAMA Lp a few years ago. I think he must have enjoyed that because in the past 12 months he has had two more albums released on wax: this one and also "Chrome Cassettes". This nice Lp covers some of his finest work of the past 12 years and, of course, delivers what you would expect from such a big talent. Honest, heartfelt and well crafted music - recorded and played immaculately as he always does. Very limited so grab one now.

With free postage!

MARKUS HOLLER - "ACHIN' FOR SUMMER" (SUGARBUSH SB200), on CD only this 2002 release is a compilation of Silent Blue demos and other 8 track recordings from between 1991-1992. A few feature the musicians who would play on the Orgone Box album, ie RICK CORCORAN, TAM JOHNSTONE & TIM McTIGHE. The tracks are really from the roots of modern Powerpop as we know and love it now, but back in the late 80s and early 90s that music was a lot harder to track down, so SILENT BLUE / Markus Holler was one of a new wave of Powerpoppers trying to make a noise that was new yet rooted in the 1960s and 70s. Only a few copies left now, ony £6.99 including postage.  

With free postage!

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