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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746

New vinyl - Special Imports - Free postage.

This section is for all the labels we distribute such as YOU ARE THE COSMOS, SUNSTONE, VINCEBUS ERUPTUM and a few others. Most titles are very limited. Postage is free.

Free postage worldwide for all our releases: Wherever you live in the world the price you see is what you pay, no extra postage!

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TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "SE(VII)EN" (Sunstone Records), very limited and sealed copy, Only £21.99 including shipping anywhere in the universe!
"Se(VII)en is a further triumph for Trappist Afterland, a new jewel amongst their already burgeoning treasures. Perfectly formed for newcomers and old hands alike there is a profound vision and cohesion to this work that suggests a timelessness, that in twenty or thirty years this album will be seen as a classic psych release of this (or indeed any other) era. Seek this out without hesitation; highly recommended." (Active Listener website)

Buy it now:



A wonderful compilation of demos and outtakes (with the exception of the single Sometimes / Share With Me (Together, 1969) by this exceptional songwriter-producer-musician. Yes, he was the man behind Sagittarius, The Millennium... among many others!.
Limited Edition of 450 copies

Sendelica - "Cromlech Chronicles III" (FRUITS DE MER) on transluscent vinyl, with 3-d glasses, sealed. On transluscent pink vinyl, sealed copy. Three 10" records in single sleeve, with the 3-d glasses included. Only £29.99 including postage


Another wonderful album from these modern day Welsh Psychters, limited on vinyl, only £19.99 including postage. Buy it now!

John Howard - "Can You Hear Me Ok?" Finally reissued, this album was scheduled for a Spring 1976 release by CBS, but was pulled from release plans and never issued on LP at the time.
The sleeve photos were taken in January 1976, planned as possible album sleeve pics and to promote the lead-off single I Got My Lady.
So this LP release is "The Album That Nearly Was". Finally given the vinyl release it was destined for forty-two years ago.
Limited edition of 300, only £19.99 including pstage. Buy it now.

Schizo Fun Addict - "The Atom Spark Hotel" (Canarsie LP), a classic earlier album, gentle Psychedelia inflected by British Shoegaze and Indie bands from the 80s and 90s. Limited editon on see through vinyl! Only £19.99 including postage anywhere, Buy it now!

VELVET CRUSH - "Free Expression", Among power-pop's truest believers, Ric Menck is a visionary and a scholar, a brilliant pilgrim on a lifetime quest to understand and master that inscrutable fusion of allure, insight and energy that yields the most sublime melodic devotionals to the grand wizards of the two-minute single: Brian Wilson, Alex Chilton, Roger McGuinn, Ray Davies, Pete Townshend, Phil Spector, etc. That he has sought to do so from behind a small drum kit rather than with a guitar or piano only heightens the intensity of the Illinois native's efforts, sharpens the clarity of his perspective. Where other auteurs have found easy creative satisfaction in the imitation of some obvious aspect of their icons' formulae, Menck — who can both sing and play guitar but rarely does either in public — demonstrates a keener, deeper obsession with the zen of pop.

Buy it here now:

THE JACOBITES - "GOD SAVE US POOR SINNERS" (LP plus 7" single), What do you do for a second act when the bedroom rock band you formed with your little brother and a couple high school buddies churned up some of the richest soil of a musically fecund age? The Swell Maps, led by Nikki Sudden and his brother, the late Epic Soundtracks, have gotten props over the years from members of Sonic Youth, Big Black, and Pavement for their prescient blend of punk economy, Krautrock-inspired experimentation, and lo-fi production values. But Sudden took a decisive turn when the Maps broke up in 1980, adopting the persona of a folk-rock troubadour and the wardrobe of a glam rocker. His beautiful-loser laments owed more to Bob Dylan and Neil Young than to erstwhile inspirations Can and Faust; and whereas the teenage Swell Maps looked like a bunch of comic-book collectors, he came off like a composite of Marc Bolan and Keith Richards, with his leather pants, silk scarves, garish costume jewelry, ruffled shirts, and omnipresent dangling cigarette. In 1984 he hooked up with fellow mascara junkie Dave Kusworth, and as the Jacobites they made several fine collections (Jacobites and Robespierre's Velvet Basement are both available on Mammoth) of tunefully off-the-frilly-cuff semiacoustic laments about lost love and their own mythical existence as rock 'n' roll fops. After the two songwriters split in 1986, Sudden used the name for a few solo projects, but in 1993 he reunited with Kusworth, and the duo's second wind has lasted far longer than its first. God Save Us Poor Sinners was thei com-back album originally released on Bomp! Records in the USA.

Buy it here now:

Daniel McGeever - "Cross The Water", Sugarbush's very own WELLGREEN man makes solo LP, a beatifully produced Scottish Pop gem. The opener “Julia” builds a mid-tempo love song that recalls Elton John or Paul McCartney with a chorus brimming with sweet harmonies. The emotional appeal of McGeever’s music also reminds me of Graham Gouldman or Gilbert O’ Sullivan. The album starts out hopeful, “Life’s A Game” has McGeever belt out the chorus, and it leads to the wistful “Wedding Day,” with its nostalgic feel. On tracks like “Return” the piano takes on a slight baroque quality, but as the album continues the compositions are more classical folk like “For Violet.”

Most of the album is love balladry, but the best romantic gem here is “Our Love Will Remain” and McGeever’s double-tracked harmonies are especially good. “It’s Not Over All Yet” finishes our story with a six-minute epic Billy Joel meets David Gates flourish, dramatically stating “in the face of adversity there is always a little hope.” A great romantic album that stands up to multiple listens, and highly recommended.
(Review from Powerpopaholic.com)

Buy it here now:


SMART PATROL - "OVERAGE UNDERACHIEVERS", another volume in our long running "Special Imports" series! These four guys from Munich joined forces to fuse classic songwriting of the sixties with the sound, power and attitude characteristic of the music revolution of 1976-1978 and this resulted in 12 one-of-a kind powerpop gems wrapped in a tailor-made suit of hooks and melodies on their new LP "Overage Underachievers".
But don't mistake them to be retro: they all started out in punk-influenced bands, so in the end they've only gone back to their roots, or as they sing in their tribute to Munich's Atomic Cafe: "It's time to get back to basics"
So what you get here is an album packed with perfect shots of power poppin' 70's mod-punk that would be all over the radio in an ideal world. If you dig the CHORDS, the INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, the POINTED STICKS, the PLIMSOULS, the YUM YUMS and KURT BAKER then you will dig this album. £19.99 including postage anywhere.

Free postage option

JOHN HOWARD - "KID IN A BIG WORLD" & "THE HIDDEN BEAUTY 1972-1979", Originally released in 1975, promoted fiercely if briefly, the album wasn’t picked up by radio or backed by any tour, and thus disappeared. Now it’s resurfaced on the dansette in my bedroom. It’s such a perfect record, both of and out of its time. It’s further proof that there are other realities, other worlds concurrent to this one. A world where on being booted out of Roxy Music, Brian Eno drifted into vagrancy. Where Elton John never got past session work, where Marilyn Monroe settled down with Sammy Davis Jnr and lived happily ever after. The second album is a collection of unreleased recordings from 1973- 1979. Each £19.99 with free posage, please select which copy you would like here:


SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS - "TAKE TIME TO WONDER IN A WHIRLING WORLD", Wales' Soft Hearted Scientists take the refreshing route of pushing their psychedelic rock influences into pop music. Even though their music ppears slightly old-hat and whimsical, this semi-trippy record has a lot going for it thanks to its memorable tunes. The enticingly-named 'The A470 Song' begins the journey with Spacemen 3-like droning and a vocal that is part narration, part-singing. Its slightly dark theme proves to be the exception to the rule. 'I Wanted You' is a jolly little number, 'Light Years To Nothing' is a hopeful song with a fine key change for the chorus and the harmonies on 'Meet Me At The Milky Way' suggest The Fifth Dimension have reformed! £19.99 with free postage. 

Free postage option

THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL & RED SUN - "PSYCHEDELIC BATTLES VOL.4",  long jams on both sides by these Psych modernists. This LP is the fourth in an exceptional series by the psychedelic Italian label Vincebus Eruptum. Former editions include Sendelica, Da Captain Trips, The Spacelords, Dhvani, The Linus Pauling Quartet, and Colt .38.
The 23 minute track Make Way For The Mighty Machines was written and recorded for the Italian record label Vincebus Eruptum, and the only vinyl version available is on the Psychedelic Battles.
Side A - Make Way For The Mighty Machines by The Luck of Eden Hall (USA)
Side B - The Meteor Shower, The Lost Planet, The Space Runners by Red Sun (Italy)
Vol.4 LP. £19.99 with free postage!

Free postage option

SENDELICA - "MY HOUSE IS MADE OF ANGEL HAIR", another volume of our special imports. Very limited edition on BLUE VINYL, limited to 250 copies. The 2018 studio album by UK psychedelic band Sendelica features guest appearances by Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Gregory Curvey (The Luck Of Eden Hall), Wally Stagg, Marc Swordfish, Karen Langley and Molara Awen.
1. Sunburst Screamer
2. My House Is Made Of Angel Hair
3. This Is The Day (cover of Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band)
4. Hard Coming Love (cover of The United States Of America)
5. Thanks For The Fish

6. Evil Woman (cover of Crow...and later Black Sabbath)
7. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
£19.99 on vinyl including postage.

Free postage option

DANIEL WYLIE (COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS) - "THE BEST OF THE SOLO YEARS", Daniel  got back into having his records issued on vinyl when we released COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS' PANORAMA Lp a few years ago. I think he must have enjoyed that because in the past 12 months he has had two more albums released on wax: this one and also "Chrome Cassettes". This nice Lp covers some of his finest work of the past 12 years and, of course, delivers what you would expect from such a big talent. Honest, heartfelt and well crafted music - recorded and played immaculately as he always does. Buy it now:

With free postage!

Wylie never tried to cover up the influences that can be heard in his music - Big Star, early R.E.M., Beach Boys, Neal Young, even Steely Dan. All of those can easily be heard here too. Listening to the opener “Rope (Everybody Lies)” and a bit later on to “Cold Alaska”, you can be even fooled that it is not Neil Young guesting on the lead guitar. And then come in those harmonies that Wylie has been known for from the start and those he can really be proud of because they can be ranked among the best around today. And with “I Hear You Calling My Name” as well as throughout this album Wylie just confirms that he is one of the currently not recognized pop craftsmen around, that can easily be ranked with the likes of late Chris Bell of Big Star.
What he shows on the perfectly titled Scenery for Dreamers is that if you really know how to incorporate all your influences the right way, you can come up with some engaging and perfectly listenable music. Good to see Wylie and his Cosmic Rough Riders back. Buy it now:

Daniel Wylie - Scenery For Dreamers

RONNIE D'ADDARIO - "THE BEST OF 1986-2017", his later-day recordings, the father of the Lemon Twigs boys is and was a really good writer and made some excellent Beatles tinges recordings over the years. Here is one volume of his great back catalogue! Buy it now: 

Ronnie D'Addario - Best of 1986-2017

RONNIE D'ADDARIO - "THE BEST OF 1976-1983", his first recordings, the father of the Lemon Twigs boys is and was a really good writer and made some excellent Beatles tinges recordings over the years. Here is one volume of his great back catalogue! Buy it now:

Ronnie D'Addario

LUNAR LAUGH - "MAMA'S BOY", The Lunar Laugh combine elements of power pop and folk rock with their signature harmonies on their much anticipated second album, Mama’s Boy. The Oklahoma City-based trio is lead by the singer/songwriter duo of Connor Anderson and Jared Lekites, assisted by Campbell Young. The title track opens with a catchy chorus about “just another kid from the suburbs” growing up without a father.
Memorable tracks include “Living A Lie” that has a distinct Harry Nilsson influence with a sweet guitar break and “Take A Little Time” layers strings on top of an epic melody. The entire album stands up well to repeat listens and makes this one. Highly Recommended. Buy it now:

Lunar Laugh

DAVID BROOKINGS - "A KING WITHOUT A THRONE", this great album shows Brookings’ admirable restraint, and make clear his intention to keep the focus on the songs themselves, adding only what is needed, always in service of the song. Brookings has been working his way west: originally from Richmond V.A., he moved to Memphis – a fertile musical ground if there ever was one – where he cut a trio of albums in the legendary Sun Studio. Eventually landing in California, the singer/guitarist put together a band and continued to record and perform. "A king without a throne" once again showcases his knack for composing straightforward tunes that nicely balance pop and rock: not too noisy, never too sweet, but always hitting the musical sweet spot. Buy it now:

David Brookings

KEN SHARP - "MY FAVOURITE SONGBOOK", lovely USA guitar based powerpop by this very accomplished writer and performer! Buy it now: 
THE PARSONS READ HEAD - "BLURRED HARMONY", if you have never heard them imagine that at some point in 1968 The Byrds had passed on the Gram Parsons option and enlisted Rich Wright and Dave Gilmour from the Syd-less Floyd. Sure they jangle away like the best of them, but there’s an atmosphere, an airiness, an expansiveness that is almost unique. Opener Hazy Dream does a much better job introducing their sounds than my words. A spacey intro gives way to gently guitar jangle and a gorgeous brittle melody. Then rather than return to the rather wonderful chorus it sneaks out to an unexpected and unusual outro. Clever stuff. Buy it now:

Parsons Red Heads - Blurred Harmony

THE PARSONS RED HEAD - "IN A HAZY DREAM", Their albums have been produced by the likes of Mitch Easter (early R.E.M producer), Chris Stamey (The dBs), and Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5), and there's a very simple reason that this trio of jangle kings have been involved; the Parson Red Heads' Evan Way writes absolutely knock-your-socks-off songs, and sings them with total conviction. "Seven Years Ago" effortlessly brushes aside anything by much more high profile heartbreak-country-janglers like Band of Horses. Buy it now:

Parson Red Heads

TONY HAZZARD - sings TONY HAZZARD, another LP in our "Special Imports" series (IMP 020), legendary British 1969 CBS album reissued in a limited edition on high quality vinyl, the man who wrote songs for the HOLLIES, MANFRED MANN and many other 60s stars on his rare solo album re-cutting many of his most enduring tracks. £17.99 inc. postage

Tony Hazzard LP

JACKDAW4 "RETROSPECTACLES" 2LP SET, another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP016), yes it is a very limited copy of WILLIE DOWLING'S previous band's (before DOWLING POOLE) two albums repackaged as a deluxe 2lp set on vinyl. Two incredible records of stinging, intelligent British Power-Pop. Amazing songs and all the trimmings you'd expect a project led by the genius Willie Dowling. Absolutely an essential addition to our catalogue, only £19.99 for 2 Lps including postage!!


ANDY REED - "AN INTRODUCTION TO ANDY REED", another LP in our "Special Imports" series (IMP 018), another fantastic USA (Detroit area) Power Pop gem from Andy Reed who, when not playing with NICK PIUNTI or CHRIS RICHARDS, has recorded a really great album. We have a few copies on offer and anyone who is a fan of NICK PIUNTI, LEGAL MATTERS or CHIRS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS will really like this LP.


ANTON BARBEAU - "MAGIC ACT", another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP013). Says Anton "I've got a new album in the works called Magic Act. 12 pop songs of varying psychedelic decree. Some of these songs were written for the third Three Minute Tease album. TMT is my erstwhile UK band with former Soft Boys/Egyptians Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor. A sudden case of "artistic differences" meant a change in course and I found myself making a solo record all over the place with all sorts of people. Colin Moulding from XTC played bass on one track, Martin Gordon from Sparks on another. Karla Kane from the Corner Laughers sent vocal tracks from her laptop to my Dropbox, while Allyson Seconds and Larry Tagg came to my dad's house in Sacramento for cups of tea and tracking. "You've got to start out or end up in the same room at some point, hopefully." It's important for me to have that "in the room" connection with the people I make music with, but this record was made as much online as anywhere. While Morris did come to Berlin for one session, a week later he was recording with Pat Collier in London with me producing via Skype. I never sing about the Internet or mobile phones or pretty much any aspect of our very tech-rich lives, but this album is as anti-luddite as can be."


COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - "CHROME CASSETTES" (single LP, free postage anywhere), another volume in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP009).
The album is chock full of power pop, psych, and folk goodness, replete with chiming guitars, stunning harmonies, and all the best elements of these genres that a fan would expect. The opening salvo, "Yesterday's a Waste of Time" is six and a half minutes of blistering power pop and a searing guitar solo from Johnny Smillie. The beautiful "A Beautiful Sunrise" starts out like a long lost Love song, before meandering into Jose Gonzalez territory, with gorgeously plucked guitar and a sterling vocal. "I'm Out of My Mind" is upbeat, sunshine pop (can anyone say hit?), while "Misty Dreamer" is more downtempo and contemplative. "Dark Forest" slides into your senses, entrancing you with its inviting main melody in waltz tempo. Fuzzed out guitar joins the acoustic guitar and leads you out on a high note. "You're Predictable" has an in your face melodic punch with a psych backdrop, leading into the Byrdsian pleasure of "Another Wasted Day". If this is your cup of tea, then you'll be delighted not only with this song but the entire record. There are hints of many 60s and 70s artists, but Wylie puts an original spin on what could be a tired genre with extremely well-written and played songs, coupled with a really great voice. "Some Great Messages" slips into autumnal folk territory, a realm which Wylie should visit more often as he does this so well. "I Follow You Home" sews together exquisitely crafted melodies with great harmony vocals. "I Should Disappear" closes the album and marries psych folk elements seamlessly together.

Cosmic Rough Riders - Chrome Cass.

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