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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746

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Enjoy our selection!
THE HANGABOUTS - Illustrated Bird (SUGARBUSH SB031), the fabulous new album on vinyl by Detroit's HANGABOUTS is one of those albums that any label with a modicum of Pop sensibility will jump at the chance to release. From the same gaggle of bands on the Detroit scene that we have released previously (Nick Piunti, Chris Richards and the Subtractions) this album presents the gentle Psych-Pop side of Detroit, a city normally more associated with gritty urban toughness. No, these lads have crafted a lovely Pop record that, dare I say it, would not have sounded out of place in Big Star's cannon and even reminds me of McCartney's gentler side. Hey, even Emmitt Rhodes would surely dig this record. It is a master stroke of lush arrangements, jangling 12 and 6 string guitars, layered harmonies and, best of all, some really fantastic songs. No fillers on here, and one of the best pure pop albums I have heard in years. This is limited on vinyl to ONLY 300 copies, on see through orange vinyl. £19.99 including worldwide postage.

On orange vinyl with postage

THE GREEN PAJAMAS - "To The End Of The Sea" (SUGARBUSH SB029), well Jeff Kelly has done it again. There is obviously no reigning in this man's talent and at a stage in his musical life where the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Alex Chilton and other greats had basically started resting on their laurels and stopped making great records. Not our Jeff! With this record, the band's latest album, he has possibly made the finest and most balanced record of a long and glorious (as well as cult-like) career. It is the musical equivalent of a lengthy piece of finely stitched tapestry as the songs weave into one another and musical themes cascade from dark melancholia and longing to joyous peaks. On what must be a shoestring budget the band have made a record, no doubt helped by modern technology, that would have stood proudly besides Sgt. Pepper and, had it been released in that psychedelic summer, would be talked about in hushed tones of reverence by cognoscenti of all things fabulous. This record is great and while we are only a tiny label we do hope and wish that someday it will be spoken of in just such a way. Limited to only 350 copies it will be hard to reach the great wide world on vinyl only but one can only hope that the sounds created here find another, broader, audience now and forever. Be part of history now. £19.99 including worldwide postage! 

Blue vinyl with postage

VARIOUS ARTISTS (2LP) - "TWELVE STRING HIGH" (IMP 026), another volume in our "special imports" series. Astonishing 2LP set of modern band with a penchant for the 12 string guitar. Inspired, in part, by Sugarbush' own releases because, as you might remember, the 1st ever Sugarbush release (SB100) by SILENT BLUE was a 12 string album all the way.  This 2lp set features our own CAROUSELS, JUNIPERS, KONTIKI SUITE (album out on Sugarbush soon) as well as many other great bands.  Deluxe double LP set in gatefold, with POSTER and insert! A sure fire collectors item. £26.99 (includes postage anywhere!)]

12 String High 2LP set (free postage)

PUGWASH - "ALMANAC" (SUGARBUSH SB028), Pugwash' incredible 2nd album is released for the first time on vinyl. 250 copies on orange vinyl and 250 copies on white vinyl, so take your pick! They both look great. The converted will of course know what a classic this album is. For those who have never heard Pugwash, a snippet from one of the hundreds of reviews the band has received: "Thomas Walsh doesn’t like the term “powerpop” and has said that he considers Beatles comparisons to be “lazy”, but it would be difficult to imagine that people who dig the powerpop genre or are aficionados of the Fab Four wouldn’t be the ideal audience for Pugwash. Indeed, when watching the band live, McGee’s bass work sounds like he’s channeling McCartney at his most melodic and inventive. However, the band’s whole output is much more diverse and all-encompassing for them to be simply typecast as another bunch inspired by The Beatles. On your journey throughout this compilation, there will be more influences worn on their sleeves than you will be able to keep track of and I would hope that the listener will come to the same conclusion that I have; Thomas Walsh simply writes music that he would enjoy listening to." Get it now, one pressing only. £19.99 (orange or white - sold seperately)

Pugwash Almanac LP (free postage)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "GATHERED LEAVES" (SUGARBUSH SB023), this is a really special album out on our own label. In case you wondered what had happened to SB023, here is the answer. I held this one back to coincide with the Autumn/Fall of this year. This ultra limited pressing (only 200 made) celebrates the music released and championed by the great 80s to 00s Psych fanzine THE PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE. Founded and run by NICK SALOMAN (aka Bevis Frond) and the legendary Phil McMullen this great mag dug up outsider music wherever it existed but also released limited edition CDs with the magazine. So here is a 2nd volume of collected works issued here for the 1st time on vinyl! The sound is beautiful considering the recordings are old and come from a variety of sources. It also represents a "lost" era in music: True 90s & 00s modern day Psychedelia. Not a retro post-Pebbles scene which thrived in parallel at the time but true deep British and American outsider Psych, a mine holding a treasure trove of music that really needs to be explored further. You can start here! On lovely coloured vinyl and only 200 copies. With Bevis Frond / Green Pajamas / Hood / Sharron Kraus / Damon & Naomi and others. (all prev. unreleased on vinyl). £19.99 inc p&p

Gathered Leaves LP (free postage)

DIAMOND HANDS - "DIAMOND HANDS" (IMP 024), another volume in our "special imports" series.  Out on our sister label YOU ARE THE COSMOS (I guess we can almost call it that since we share so many bands and the same taste) this is another immaculate collection of songs by one of the finest new POP Guitar bands around. Very similar to the great Reno Bo album on the same label (see below) this just oozes class, great production and killer songs. It's funny how we sometimes have to push these kind of albums, because in 15 years time they will have disappeared and will be highly collectable. Buy it now. £18.99 inc p&p.

Diamond Hands LP (free postage)

NICK PIUNTI - "BEYOND THE STATIC" (SUGARBUSH SB025), limited to only 250 copies on blue vinyl this is Nick Piunti's 2nd album released now on vinyl for the very first time!
Challenged with following a highly acclaimed album, Nick Piunti didn't overthink the task. He just focused on writing the best songs of his life and trusting an incredible group of musicians to help execute his vision. Beyond The Static manages to be both a consummate power pop album and the distinct work of a seasoned recording artist. If you somehow combined the best qualities of Matthew Sweet, Tom Petty, and Paul Westerberg into one songwriter, Nick Piunti would be the guy. Beyond The Static is a superb effort from a music lifer at the very top of his game. If you're a power pop fan and have yet to discover all the amazing sounds currently coming out of Detroit, stop reading right now and start listening! £18.99 including postage anywhere! (by the way, if you scroll down this page you will find we do still have copies of his amazing "13 In My Head" album!

Nick Piunti Beyond The Static LP (free postage)

DOM MARIANI - "HOMESPUN BLUES & GREENS" (SUGARBUSH SB026), is finally out on vinyl. Limited to only 300 copies worlwide on DEEP BLUE VINYL. This amazing album, recorded over a 2 year period in the early 2000's, stands alone as the one true Dom Mariani solo album in a catalogue spanning many changes.
Having forged a career fronting Australian garage rock legends The Stems, as well as respected powerpop combos, The Someloves and DM3, who released 3 critically acclaimed albums throughout the '90s, Mariani used some well earned down time to put together a diverse collection of tracks capturing the influences and sounds which drove him to musical distraction on one long playing platter.
Much like the Someloves sole album "Something Or Other", which gained positive reviews worldwide for its melodic collection of well produced tunes, "Homespun Blues and Greens" follows a similar trajectory in that the songs were pieced together over a period of time utilising different musicians. Released with little fanfare or promotion at the time, it took a road trip in October 2003 from his home in Fremantle in Western Australia with friend and co-writerJeff Baker to Mitch Easter's (R.E.M., Let's Active, Velvet Crush) Fidelitorium Studio in Kernesville, North Carolina to see the album take its final shape.
Referred to as Dom’s lost album, ‘Homespun Blues and Greens’ is a fine collection of songs dealing with personal themes set to a soundtrack of pure power pop melody, sizzling guitars and pop dripping vocals.
It would also be Dom’s last real pop album as he went on to explore other musical genres. We have worked hard on getting this album out on vinyl for over a year now and are incredibly pleased and proud to be working with a legend such as Dom Mariani is! Only 300 copies on blue vinyl - £19.99 including worldwide postage

Dom Mariani LP / blue vinyl (free postage)

THE CAROUSELS - "LOVE CHANGES LIKE THE SEASONS" (SUGARBUSH SB012), this is the mega rare and limited repress on see through GREEN VINYL. We have only issued 125 copies of this LP as a 2nd pressing and with 20 copies going straight to the band only 100 or so are up for grabs. This is by far the most limited pressing we have ever done. The original pressing (400 on black vinyl and 100 on purple vinyl) ar enow completely sold out. If you have not heard this - our best ever selling album - then expect 60s sounding Byrds / Burritos type Folk Rock, albeit with a distinctive Scottish twang! £19.99 including postage anywhere.

CAROUSELS / Green vinyl LP (free postage)

GREEN PAJAMAS - "IF YOU KNEW WHAT I DREAMED" (SUGARBUSH SB022), limited to 300 copies only on translucent green vinyl.
An amazing album that is finally out on vinyl. This was previously released as a download only album with live-in-the-studio versions of songs from Kelly's solo albums as well as a few of the band's oldies and two new songs. The sound quality is incredible and this pressing sounds particularly dynamic. The stripped-down production, always incredibly powerful, emphasizes the power of Kelly's melodies, making this an album of understated beauty and an absolutely essential addition to our catalogue.

Green Pajamas - If You Knew etc LP (free postage)

8x8 (Eight by Eight) - "AZALEA'S ROOM" (SUGARBUSH SB 020), out now on vinyl and limited to only 300 copies worldwide on red vinyl. This masterpiece courtesy of USA's LANE STEINBERG and Ukraine's ALEXANDER KHODCHENKO is finally out on vinyl! A magical blend of Brian Wilson-esque melodies fused with Psychedelia this is a very special album crafted by two incredibly gifted musicians. Lane Steinberg has one of the most wonderful voices I have ever hear and the songs he writes are nothing short of genius. This is by no means a sixties-only influenced album, there are elements of 80s Pop too and fans of XTC should definitely take note as well. Ultimately this record is a field of its own and is one of the most original works we have released in our time as a record label. Please do not miss out on this fantastic record. Postage is included in the price by the way, anywhere in the world!

On red vinyl.

PUGWASH - "ALMOND TEA" (SUGARBUSH SB021) finally this album is in stock. We have been waiting for this for some months now, fielding questions from worldwide fans of Pugwash, desperate to know when this 1999 album would finally be out on vinyl. Well folks, the wait is over: it is in stock and in fact as I write this I am just playing it on my deck. It sounds great of course not least because this IS one brilliant record that staggeringly has never before been released on vinyl! I was thrilled of course when the band asked me to release it and I hope we have done this record justice.
Furthermore, available for the first time on vinyl we are incredibly please to offer you two colour versions of this classic 1999 album! As long time fans will know this is one heck of a great LP, with shades of ELO, BEATLES, THE MOVE and other luminaries. We offer free postage s the price you see below is what you pay. £19.99 including worldwide postage (Brown only available now)

TONY HAZZARD - sings TONY HAZZARD, another LP in our "Special Imports" series (IMP 020), legendary British 1969 CBS album reissued in a limited edition on high quality vinyl, the man who wrote songs for the HOLLIES, MANFRED MANN and many other 60s stars on his rare solo album re-cutting many of his most enduring tracks. £17.99 inc. postage

Tony Hazzard LP

DEADBEAT POETS - EL CAMINO REAL, another LP in our "Special Imports" series (IMP 019), newly released album by a new band featuring BLUE ASH'S Frank Secich - pretty upbeat dynamic classic sounding USA Powerpop. After his adventures in Blue Ash (1969-79), the Dead Boys Stiv Bators (1979-81) and Club Wow (1982-85) , Frank Secich ' adopted ' as a manager and producer Ohio 's band , The Infidels (Pete Drivere , John T. Hlumyk and John Koury). And with them, 20 years later, he formed (in 2007) the Deadbeat Poets with whom has been drawing a great career that now summarized in an LP titled ' El Camino Real 101' with 3 new songs .
£17.99 inc. postage

Deadbeat Poets LP (free postage)


DOWLING POOLE - "ONE HYDE PARK" (SUGARBUSH SB018), limited to only 300 copies on vinyl, the amazing DOWLING POOLE are back with their new album - out on vinyl on our label! Another masterpiece of intelligent, well crafted Pop by these masters of hook, line & melody! One for fans of THE CARDIACS, XTC, WINGS, 10cc, SUPERTRAMP, JELLYFISH and any classic British Pop band you care to think of! From the opening single "Rebecca Receiving", a brilliant slice of English Pop, to the title track the production, melodies and lyrics are incredible. Check out their 1st album too (also out on our label), but in the meanwhile enjoy this amazing new album.

Dowling Poole - 1 Hyde Park

JACKDAW4 "RETROSPECTACLES" 2LP SET, another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP016), yes it is a very limited copy of WILLIE DOWLING'S previous band's (before DOWLING POOLE) two albums repackaged as a deluxe 2lp set on vinyl. Two incredible records of stinging, intelligent British Power-Pop. Amazing songs and all the trimmings you'd expect a project led by the genius Willie Dowling. Absolutely an essential addition to our catalogue, only £19.99 for 2 Lps including postage!!


ANDY REED - "AN INTRODUCTION TO ANDY REED", another LP in our "Special Imports" series (IMP 018), another fantastic USA (Detroit area) Power Pop gem from Andy Reed who, when not playing with NICK PIUNTI or CHRIS RICHARDS, has recorded a really great album. We have a few copies on offer and anyone who is a fan of NICK PIUNTI, LEGAL MATTERS or CHIRS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS will really like this LP.


7" single THE CAROUSELS -  "LORD SPEED MY HURRICANE / LIKE A LOADED GUN" in our Special Import series (IMP014), the brand new 45 7" by the marvelous CAROUSELS whose album was one of the biggest hits on SUGARBUSH RECORDS a year or so back. This single keeps up the high standard and plugs the gap while we await the new album!

Carousels 45 Lord Speed (free postage)

ORGONE BOX "THE LORNE PARK TAPES" (SUGARBUSH SB019), limited to 250 copies on melancholic black vinyl!
Rick Corcoran, one man Pop legend, returns to SUGARBUSH RCORDS with a fantastic album of vintage 4 track demos from the early 90's. With many previously unreleased and rare tracks classic this lo-fi LP nevertheless sounds like a lost gem from the late 60's. Guitars jangle and phase, vocals and harmonies flange in and out of range and the songs are some of the best the great man ever wrote. When I say "lo-fi" I am being disingenuous actually, the sound (considering the limitations of the 4-track cassette medium) is actually superb, if a little closer to the mid-range than most modern recordings. If you liked his CENTAUR album (now deleted and sold out) you will love this 11 tracks of amazing Pop confectionary valiantly produced on a vintage 4-track cassette recorder, lo-fi or not - this is Pop Heaven! This is very limited on vinyl and will not be repressed. Get it while you can!


DUNCAN MAITLAND "LULLABIES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY" (SUGARBUSH SB017), only 250 copies on coloured vinyl! £18.99 inc. postage. Ex Pugwash man Duncan Maitland sees his legendary album released on vinyl for the very first time. Featuring members of XTC, DIVINE COMEDY & PUGWASH this is a fantastic 60s tinged album of melody, harmony and brilliant playing. A review in "Powerpopaholic" sums it up thus:"Dublin native Duncan Maitland is joined by an all-star guest line-up on his smashing debut Lullabies for The 21st Century. Colin Moulding from XTC plays bass on the opening track, and also helping out are Fran King, Barry O'Brien, Keith Farrell and Tosh Flood (Pugwash). Recorded at his in-home studio, the album draws influences from many favorites. Starting with the richly melodic "Your Century" it has glowing background harmonies and driving bass line.  Followed by the flowing narrative of "Terry The Toad" it adds a great hook in the chorus, and "Crash Position" is a perfect example of modern Beach Boys pop, similar to Rick Gallego (Cloud Eleven).  These songs are not simple ear candy, but complex pop symphonies that don't rely on a straight formulaic approach. Every song on the album is a meticulous study in pop smarts from the Beatlesque touches of "Alien At Home" and "Horror Stories" to the wistful atmosphere of "Supermarket Dream."

Duncan Maitland LP

ANTON BARBEAU - "MAGIC ACT", another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP013). Says Anton "I've got a new album in the works called Magic Act. 12 pop songs of varying psychedelic decree. Some of these songs were written for the third Three Minute Tease album. TMT is my erstwhile UK band with former Soft Boys/Egyptians Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor. A sudden case of "artistic differences" meant a change in course and I found myself making a solo record all over the place with all sorts of people. Colin Moulding from XTC played bass on one track, Martin Gordon from Sparks on another. Karla Kane from the Corner Laughers sent vocal tracks from her laptop to my Dropbox, while Allyson Seconds and Larry Tagg came to my dad's house in Sacramento for cups of tea and tracking. "You've got to start out or end up in the same room at some point, hopefully." It's important for me to have that "in the room" connection with the people I make music with, but this record was made as much online as anywhere. While Morris did come to Berlin for one session, a week later he was recording with Pat Collier in London with me producing via Skype. I never sing about the Internet or mobile phones or pretty much any aspect of our very tech-rich lives, but this album is as anti-luddite as can be."


THE JUNIPERS "PAINT THE GROUND" (SUGARBUSH  SB600), 2nd pressing of this classic LP, this on yellow vinyl - only 250 pressed. £18.99 including postage anywhere. 

This incredible album is an English Underground classic (in a way it is, when you consider the tiny quantities we have pressed, repress notwithstanding). Shades of the Byrds (ok, they are American but had a huge influence on nearly all British bands of the Underground at the time), very early Fairport Convention, Help Yourself (remember them?) underpin a fantastic set of songs, beautifully played and sung by one of the best singers on the scene today, Robyn Gibson. This is a band that like to do things their way and in their own time. They will never be massive but their music will be remembered for a log long time and their importance will grow in years to come. Do not miss out on a quintessential English Folk-Rock classic.

Junipers 250 on yellow wax!

7" single DR COSMO'S TAPE LAB - "COMMUNITY GARDEN POLITICS b/w PIG IN A PEN" (single 45, free postage anywhere), another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP011).
Our buddies from the 'TAPE LAB turn up on this very limited edition 7" single, expect the usual casual genius from these workhorses who release more records than we pop out the shops every year! Essential of course and only £6.99 including postage!

DR COSMO'S single

7" single VARIOUS ARTISTS (that is THE WELLGREEN, BRONCO BULLFROG, THE MADCAPS & THE KAROVAS MILKSHAKE) another record in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP010). Another very limited and numbered single by this gang of British Psychsters including friends old and new, in a lovely picture sleeve and only £6.99 including postage! (pictured is the b-side so you can see the tracks)


COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - "CHROME CASSETTES" (single LP, free postage anywhere), another volume in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP009).
The album is chock full of power pop, psych, and folk goodness, replete with chiming guitars, stunning harmonies, and all the best elements of these genres that a fan would expect. The opening salvo, "Yesterday's a Waste of Time" is six and a half minutes of blistering power pop and a searing guitar solo from Johnny Smillie. The beautiful "A Beautiful Sunrise" starts out like a long lost Love song, before meandering into Jose Gonzalez territory, with gorgeously plucked guitar and a sterling vocal. "I'm Out of My Mind" is upbeat, sunshine pop (can anyone say hit?), while "Misty Dreamer" is more downtempo and contemplative. "Dark Forest" slides into your senses, entrancing you with its inviting main melody in waltz tempo. Fuzzed out guitar joins the acoustic guitar and leads you out on a high note. "You're Predictable" has an in your face melodic punch with a psych backdrop, leading into the Byrdsian pleasure of "Another Wasted Day". If this is your cup of tea, then you'll be delighted not only with this song but the entire record. There are hints of many 60s and 70s artists, but Wylie puts an original spin on what could be a tired genre with extremely well-written and played songs, coupled with a really great voice. "Some Great Messages" slips into autumnal folk territory, a realm which Wylie should visit more often as he does this so well. "I Follow You Home" sews together exquisitely crafted melodies with great harmony vocals. "I Should Disappear" closes the album and marries psych folk elements seamlessly together.

Cosmic Rough Riders - Chrome Cass.

RENO BO - "LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR" (single LP, free postage anywhere), another volume in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP008).
After spending most of his career performing and touring with the Mooney Suzuki, Albert Hammond Jr. (the Strokes), Caitlin Rose and Andrew Combs, Reno Bo decided to make this his breakout effort; doing almost everything on his own. Reno appeared as a solo artist in 2010, but this year he's blown away all expectations with his newest Lessons From A Shooting Star. From the pounding beat and swirling chords of "Sweetheart Deal" its chock full of catchy power pop. "And I Know She Did" is a shimmering Big Star like ballad and "The Brighter Side" co-written by Brendan Benson sounds like the best song Matthew Sweet didn't write. "Sleeping Sun" is a standout piano based melody with a big pinch of Beatles, as well as the wondrous Pysch-pop closer "Somewhere There's Something." In fact, each song is a home run and this album clearly hits the top of my top ten list this year. I don't award an album a "10" rating lightly, but Reno Bo deserves it. Essential listening.

Reno Bo-Lessons

BLUE ASH - "HEARTS AND ARROWS" (2LP set with bonus 7" single, sealed copy), another volume in our "Special Imports Series" (IMP007).
Blue Ash was an early Power-Pop band from Youngstown that formed in 1969.
The group's style was a wonderful blend of Brit Invasion elements (think Beatles, Kinks, Hollies, Who, Small Faces...) and west-coast folk-rock in the vein of The Byrds and Beau Brummels. This album is a selection of 28 tracks from a legacy of 219 demo cuts. Some of those tracks ended up as part of their official LPs, this amazing 2LP set also features a bonus 7 " EP with 4 acoustic tracks. Very limited with us and sure to sell out very quickly!

Blues Ash 2LP + 7" single.

CADDY - "THE BETTER END" (SB015), limited to only 300 copies on sky blue vinyl!
Sometimes it is best to DIY, and that is precisely what Tomas Dahl has done on "The Better End". After many years in the music industry, partly as a drummer in bands like Turbonegro and The Yum Yums, he is now in the driver's seat with his own project Caddy.
The songs on the album have been made during the past eighteen months, and is written in such diverse places as the Norwegian Mountains, via the French Riviera, Fuerte Ventura and Perth in Australia. Here you're served a delicious mix of The Beach Boys, classic power pop and several of his personal favorites such as The Shadows, Kraftwerk, Teenage Fanclub and Don Henley.
Although there are still great emphasis on catchy pop songs, Dahl also gets to showcase himself as a lyricist on "The Better End". The result is a sophisticated summer album, with lush vocal harmonies, beautiful arrangements and dreamy melodies.
He has written all the songs and recorded the album all by himself, but is joined by Bendik Brænne on saxophone for the song "Wherever You Go", and Janne Hea on vocals on "Bring It Back".


CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTION "A SMATTERING OF MYSTERY AND SOUND" (SB013) limited to ONLY 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on LEMON YELLOW vinyl!! A fantastic new album by DETROIT Power-pop legends who have been making great records for over 10 years! This fantastic LP is a vinyl only (no CD) release specially made for Sugarbush Records and features songs from their previous albums that never came out on vinyl. As a special bonus, the band recorded 2 new tracks just for this album! If you like jangle, superb songs, more hooks than a fishing store, harmonies and killer Power-pop then this album is for you. Featuring Nick Pinuti on guest guitar this album has "classic" written all over it.

Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab

A fabulous Californian West Coast themed album by this new band. Out for the first time on vinyl, this got rave reviews when first released on download about a year ago. Shades of DAVID CROSBY, BEAU BRUMMELS, THE BYRDS and the fantastic songs make this an essential addition to any self-respecting Psych collection. You would not dream that these are a couple of Swedish guys sitting by a lake in the middle of the countryside, but there you are. It has San Francisco all over it and you will love it.

Greek Theatre - Lost Out At Sea

THE DOWLING POOLE "BLEAK STRATEGIES" SB900, limited edition vinyl.
A modern English masterpiece of clever Psychedelic Pop by Willie Dowling (ex JACKDAW4, Honeycrack & Wildhearts) & Jon Poole (ex CARDIACS & WILDHEARTS), a brilliant piece of work that reminds me of the very best of THE KINKS, 10cc, WINGS, THE BEATLES (especially ABBEY ROAD) and even early Supertramp! A - dare I say it again - work of genius, simply a stunningly fantastic record. I was really thrilled to be asked to release this on vinyl on SUGARBUSH RECORDS by the lads. Do not miss this one as it is an essential addition to our catalogue.

Dowling poole - Bleak Strategies

COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - "PANORAMA" SB800, VINYL LP limited to 400 copies.
Budget promo issue, black vinyl with cover as insert.
This wonderful album finally sees its first vinyl release. When initially released on CD it was so well received that ALAN MCGEE signed the band to his POPTONES label. A classic Scottish record that is full of melody, great harmonies and 12-string Rickenbackers. Every song on this album is a winner. The copy you are buying has a colour photocopy promo front cover insert, not the stock copy "proper" LP sleeve. On black vinyl.

Cosmic Rough Riders

Dukes Of Kent-"Welcome To the Oast House" SB300, limited to 500 copies. Tracks chock-full of chiming guitars, shimmering harmonies and West Coast licks with influences ranging from the Byrds through Crazy Horse to Tom Petty and Joe Walsh: a melting pot of pop,rock, psych and folk with great gobs of swirling guitar which will assuredly set feet tapping and shims shimmying. Limits of the Truth' is one of my favourite cuts on the album, reminding me strongly of early Jackson Browne at the outset. It's the start of a trio of great numbers Side One's closer 'Blue Turns to Red' is just beautifully constructed and performed - a song to be heard and remembered for long after the sun sets over the distant horizon.

Dukes Of Kent

NICK PIUNTI - "13 IN MY HEAD" (SB700), limited to 300 copies
Amazing and tough DETROIT Power-Pop album, with song after song a classic. If this was the 1970s Nick would be a superstar. Shades of TOM PETTY, AEROSMITH, THE SWEET, THE BYRDS yet this is a very original and unique album. Has won award after award in the music press and Nick also featured on MOJO magazines cover mount CD back in November. This is a truly superb album with song after brilliant song with great harmonies and brilliant guitars. Nick has been making great music for 20 years. Now that's pedigree.

Nick Piunti 13 In My Head LP (free postage)
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