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Great Albums: Sopwith Camel - Self Titled, KAMA SUTRA USA 1967 LP

This is a great favourite of mine. An LP released in 1967 on the back of the hit HELLO HELLO. This band were one of the earliest success bands out of 'Frisco and much hated for it by their "hipper" contemporaries there! However, time is a great leveller and these days we don't really care about such local spats anymore, do we? The title track is a Lovin' Spoonful inspired rag and was a big hit Stateside. The follow up LP bombed which is a shame as it means it is fairly hard to find these days. It's a lovely and unpretentious LP, full of great Folk-Rock with a few early Psych tinges. In fact this LP reminds me of very early Flamin Groovies and as the bands were neighbours, sort of, one wonders how much the Groovies took from the Sopwiths-or vice versa. I made the mistake of offering my original copy for sale recently, but thought the better of it as I remembered how much Iiked it. So it's mine again after all. There is as reissue from the mid-80s on EDSEL RECORDS which is how I first got into this LP. Now barely remembered bar by old heads like me and people like Brian Hogg probably! (Google him, he's one of the UK's great unsung heores of sleevenote writing and more..)

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