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SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW - "THIN AIR" (SUGARBUSH SB089) buy it here on vinyl, only 247 copies pressed.

SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW - "THIN AIR" (SUGARBUSH SB089), a brand new album on Sugarbush! Wonderful melodic vives from this superb Kent band / studio project. Shades of NICK DRAKE, ELLIOOT SMTIH, ZERO 7 and even DAVID GATES / BREAD this is a lovely album full of melodic inventiveness, amazing songs and trippy athmosphere. One to chill out to this great record blends Folky compositions with lush arrangements and even hints of electronicas. File next to SMOKE FAIRES or THE BRERETONS this album is a must for lovers of melodic soft Pop.

On gorgeous purple vinyl and with only 247 copies made this is one album to listen to over and over again. Please note two postage rates depending on where you are. Shipping now.



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