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We are SUGARBUSH RECORDS, a mail order company based in the UK. We buy and sell rare vinyl records: LPs, EPs and 45s. We specialize in rare Psych, Blues, Progressive, 60s Pop, & 70s / 80s Rock and much much more. I also collect vinyl, so do understand what you - the collector - expects. We aso sell on Discogs (Discogs Store) where you will find 5000 LPs, 12", EPs & 45s with full descriptions and images. Oh, and we ship FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if you buy 5 records or more.  That is some good deal. Furthermore, if you have vinyl records for sale or are interested finding out more about us please get in touch. If you want to SELL SOME RECORDS and are in the South of England please telephone 01892 541 746

Last few vinyl LP copies of CADDY - "THE BETTER END" (SUGARBUSH RECORDS) here!

CADDY - "THE BETTER END" (SB015), limited to only 300 copies on sky blue vinyl!
Sometimes it is best to DIY, and that is precisely what Tomas Dahl has done on "The Better End". After many years in the music industry, partly as a drummer in bands like Turbonegro and The Yum Yums, he is now in the driver's seat with his own project Caddy.
The songs on the album have been made during the past eighteen months, and is written in such diverse places as the Norwegian Mountains, via the French Riviera, Fuerte Ventura and Perth in Australia. Here you're served a delicious mix of The Beach Boys, classic power pop and several of his personal favorites such as The Shadows, Kraftwerk, Teenage Fanclub and Don Henley.
Although there are still great emphasis on catchy pop songs, Dahl also gets to showcase himself as a lyricist on "The Better End". The result is a sophisticated summer album, with lush vocal harmonies, beautiful arrangements and dreamy melodies.
He has written all the songs and recorded the album all by himself, but is joined by Bendik Brænne on saxophone for the song "Wherever You Go", and Janne Hea on vocals on "Bring It Back".

SOLD OUT NOW (sorry)

Pre-order CADDY - "TEN TIMES FOUR" here on vinyl, ships November 17th.

CADDY - "TEN TIMES FOUR" (SUGARBUSH SB055), following on from 2015's THE BETTER END, here comes the latest album by Norway's finest: Caddy. Another very fine selection of fantastic songs this really is the last word in Powerepop and in the words of Powerpop News: "There are so many standout tracks here it’s hard to know where to start. The pulsating start of “Somewhere Beautiful” bursts into about as radio-friendly a chorus as you’ll hear this year. The aptly named “Contagious” is more than worthy of it’s title. With it’s harmonies, hand claps and monster hook of a chorus, it’s a real keeper. Then, one can settle comfortably into the jangle-fest that is “Not the One” or soak in the Big Star feel of “Safe Travels”. It’s nothing short of a vacation for the ears. With fantastic production, a killer cut and a fantastic sound, this 140gm pressing is housed in a pvc lined inner for added protection. Only 300 copies pressed, this is expected to sell out very quickly. Only £19.99 including worldwide postage! (Ships November 17th).

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