THE GRIP WEEDS "TRIP AROUND THE SUN" out on vinyl via Sugarbush.

THE GRIP WEEDS - "TRIP AROUND THE SUN" a new Sugarbush licensed album for sale for the first time in the UK. As expected, Trip Around The Sun once again showcases the Grip Weeds’ guitar virtuosity and powerhouse rhythm section, but the band’s melodic strengths win the day with their trademark harmony vocals. The sunshine pop opening track, “Vibrations”, is just that – very Cowsills; very warm, POP with capital letters and delicious arrangements; “I Like Her” is a little more sedate, with restraint on the verses (reminds me of a slightly dark variation on “Love Is All Around”), but then instantly jumping into a poppy, upbeat, sing-song chorus and “Casual Observer (To A Crime)” charges out and grabs at you in that big, rock-pop manner (think The Posies), punctuated with on-the-one horns – this a BIG track, if you know what I mean, and it’s outstanding.  “Truth Behind The Lie” breezes along at 100 m.p.h., kicking in with charging guitars and three part harmonies – this is what a band who has mastered the art of pop sounds like, pure and simple – the riffs, the nuanaces – all of it; “She Tries” is another vocal delight, fleshed with reverbed guitars and harmonies on the verses, clean guitar fills – and a wonderfully surprising brief harpsichord break and the album’s title track closes out this collection; “Trip Around The Sun” is bouncy, angular, joyful and just explodes right out of the speakers – it’s bold and powerful and a damned fine way to wrap up the proceedings.

Buy it now at onlt £19.99 including postage

Grip Weeds - Trip Around The Sun

Trappist Afterland - "Insects In Amber" on vinyl - buy it here! Another fine Sugarbush Records release.

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "INSECTS IN AMBER" (SUGARBUSH SB054), the brand new album by ths cult act is out now. With bonus insert. The 8th album by Trappist Afterland issued on vinyl on Sugarbush records.300 copies only. Trappist Afterland was formed in 2010 and is the Psychedelic folk project fueled by the religious ruminations of songwriter and multi instrumentalist Adam Cole (oud,guitar, Lute,tanpura Bodhran,Vocals). The Band also features Phil Coyle (Tabla, Frame Drum, vocals) Nicholas Albanis (Bell Citern, Hammered Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery) and Lachie Henderson (Acoustic Guitar) Free postage: £21.99 all in.

Trappist Afterland - Insects

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