Cotton Mather - "Kontiki" buy it here on vinyl very limited, free postage!

COTTON MATHER - "KONTIKI" (SUGARBUSH SB068), the first issue in our micro press series. Issued for Sugabush collectors and customers primarily in a super limited edition of only 120 copies! Most were on pre-order from a few years ago, when we got the go ahead from Robert of the band to issue this on Sugarbush. It then sort of went quiet for a while but here we finally are. The release is in mid-April but you can order copies here and now. If you've not heard of this lovely album here are some words from an original review in 1997 (see below). It is pretty obvious that our own ORGONE BOX album (made by my old bandmate / mate RICK CORCORAN issued on vinyl on Sugarbush some years back but originally issued in Japan in 1996) must have been a huge influence on COTTON MATHER who got most of the hot press for their release. But us in the know understand the roots of KONTIKI. Anyway read on and order, because this will sell out super quick, esp since most copies were reserved some years back.

"The songs themselves and the excellent performances of the musicians playing them make this album magical. The record’s standout song, My Before and After, is an example of the perfect popsong just like Badfinger’s No Matter What and The Who’s I Can’t Explain. Containing hooks galore, My Before and After perfectrly captures the desire, hope, and longing of all-consuming love that music was invented to express just like those other classic songs. Not that My Before and After is the sole reason to check out this album. Indeed, what comes before and …um…after that song is just as musically tasty. The album as a whole has nary a flaw. But that song, well, is one of the songs all songwriters worth their salt wish they wrote." (popgeekheaven review 2012)

Buy it now, limited to 120 copies only on audiophile 140gm vinyl remastered from original source. £27.99 including postage anywhere:

Balduin - "Look At Me I'm you" buy it here on vinyl, 300 copies only. On SUGARBUSH RECORDS (SB066)

BALDUIN - "LOOK AT ME I'M YOU" (SUGARBUSH SB066), a brand new release on Sugarbush Records. Limited to only 300 copies on vinyl, this is the latest Psychedelic masterpiece from Sitzerland's Psych genius, Balduin. Beautiful English tinged Psychedelia that could have come out of the Sgt pepper sessions at Abbey Road or maybe Syd Barrett's own twisted take on 60s Pop?
Ayway, fans of SF SORROW, PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN, BEACH BOYS, DONOVAN and TOMORROW will lap this up. If you have missed the DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR for 30+ years then look no further!

This album is a lovely continuation of that classic sound and the original songs and covers are well chosen and near-immaculate. So limited that it will, in time, become a Psych rarity on vinyl, so don't miss out! 300 copies on 140gm vinyl, only £21.99 including shipping anywhere. Listen here:
Balduin Music to Play!

Jacobites ‎– Robespierre's Velvet Basement - buy it here on vinyl sealed 2Lp set!

Jacobites - "Robespierre's Basement" (Troubadour 2LP set, import), sealed limited edition RECORD STORE DAY repress of their legendary album.

First released in a 14-track format on the independent label Glass Records in 1985, we have Easy Action Records to thank for this sumptuous, double-vinyl reissue of the album in its originally-intended 24 track format. Sleevenotes are provided by the surviving members Kusworth and bassist Mark Lemon, including comments by the late Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks. Original sleeve-art designer (and current drummer with the excellent Black Bombers) Dave Twist provides the 2019 design for this lovingly-crafted reissue, the first time the full 24-track album has been issued on vinyl.

Only £27.99 including postage anywhere. 

PRIMARY 5 - "HIGH FIVE" buy it here on vinyl, limited stock.

THE PRIMARY 5 - "HIGH FIVE" (SNAP! Records, Spain import),their wonderful final album is now out on vinyl for the very first time. Expect more gorgeous songs fillled with hooks and brilliant melodies.  "A sparkling, sun-drenched blast of melodic guitar pop" and said it was "a superb album equal to its predecessor in every way -- and perhaps even a little better." Very limited on vinyl, only a few copies left now! £21.99 including postage anywhere. Ltd to 300 copies.

Grip Weeds - "Giant On The Beach" out on vinyl for the first time ever - buy it here now. Free postage

GRIP WEEDS - "GIANT ON THE BEACH" (SUGARBUSH SB065), limited to ONLY 300 copies on vinyl this is the first ever vinyl issue of this classic 2004 album, previously only available on CD.

"This New Jersey band plays the kind of jangly, space-age rock perfected by bands like the Zombies, Love, and the Quicksilver Messenger Service. There are elements of the Byrds circa "Eight Miles High" or The Notorious Byrd Brothers, Revolver-era Beatles, and San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury bands. Start with the heavy reliance on lush harmonies, mix in acoustic and electric guitars (complete with backward playing and some Coltrane-esque twisting solos), an insistent rhythm track, and ethereal lyrics, and the listener could easily believe himself lost in a time warp." ( review)

A fabulous album, to be sure, and pressed on 140gm audiophile virgin vinyl, disc housed in lined inner outside the main cover for extra protection. £21.99 only including postage (includes early bird discount), clikc here now to buy:

DOWLING POOLE "Bleak Strategies" buy it here on vinyl, last few copies!

THE DOWLING POOLE "BLEAK STRATEGIES" SB900, limited edition vinyl.
A modern English masterpiece of clever Psychedelic Pop by Willie Dowling (ex JACKDAW4, Honeycrack & Wildhearts) & Jon Poole (ex CARDIACS & WILDHEARTS), a brilliant piece of work that reminds me of the very best of THE KINKS, 10cc, WINGS, THE BEATLES (especially ABBEY ROAD) and even early Supertramp! A - dare I say it again - work of genius, simply a stunningly fantastic record. I was really thrilled to be asked to release this on vinyl on SUGARBUSH RECORDS by the lads. Do not miss this one as it is an essential addition to our catalogue. LAST HANDFUL OF COPIES!

Dowling poole - Bleak Strategies

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