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TRENT MILLER - "TIME BETWEEN US" new Sugarbush vinyl album, buy it here - free postage!

TRENT MILLER - "TIME BETWEEN US" (SUGARBUSH SB056), Trent Miller releases his new album - a fusion of folk, rock, goth and americana that continues to attract a growing following. The closest thing you will get to a blend of GENE CLARK (I swear his voice is touched by the ghost of Gene), latter day BYRDS as well as Paisley Underground stalwarts THIN WHITE ROPE & AMERCIAN MUSIC CLUB this is one album you really need to listen to. A magical blend of Alt. Country Byrds laden melancholia and West Coast pedal-steel drenched hallowed ground only trodden by those truly gifted,

Time Between Us carries on the trajectory set by its predecessor, the acclaimed Burnt Offerings (2014), which saw him emerging from the darkness that overshadowed his first two albums Cerberus (2009) and Welcome To Inferno Valley (2011), towards a hopeful glimmer on the horizon and a new maturity in songwriting.

Only £19.99 including postage, buy it now.

Listen here to a sample of this great album (click link)

Some reviews of the original CD release:

“Sweet songs full of longing and grace.” Dan Stuart (Green On Red)

“My god, there are some lovely plaintive songs on this terrific album.” (Terrascope Online)

“An aching and deeply romantic touch throughout.” (Blabber ‘n’ Smoke)

“A persuasive storyteller who keeps his songs short and purposeful, allowing the music to to draw you in and the words to anchor you. Burnt Offerings promises much and delivers; light the blue touch paper and stand back.” (Folk Radio UK)

“An album that will thrill those aware of the antecedents and beguile those who aren’t.” (Blabber ‘n’ Smok

“A darkly underground mix of hangovers, anguished love, mournful blues and lonesome country.” (Q Magazine)

“Fans of Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark will recognise a kindred spirit in his glowering meditations and steely worldview.” (Daily Mirror)

CADDY - THE BETTER END, we found a few more original copies on vinyl, buy them here.

CADDY - "THE BETTER END" (Sugarbush SB015), We managed to get an extra 12 or so copies from Norway. Strictly limited! 

On his third Caddy album Tomas moves away from the aggressive sound to something gentle and sun soaked. The first song “Here it Comes Again” states the intentions “searching for perfect harmonies,” and the denser “Something About Carina” is very much like Teenage Fanclub or Rick Gallego’s Cloud Eleven. You’ll also hear influence of Tom Petty on “Into The Sun” with its steady bass drumbeat and jangling rhythm. The dreamy California summer is the main theme of the Beach Boys influenced “Fangblenny” and “The Better End” with its sleigh bells and echoing harmonies. The songs get better as we move forward, highlights include: “Bring It Back, “Chasing Clouds,” and the multi-layered harmonies in the chorus of “Saint Cyr-Sur-Mer.” While there really isn’t any filler on this album, the songs tend to sound more homogeneous toward album’s last half. But, overall this is a perfect album for those long summer nights. Highly Recommended.

BUY IT NOW, only £19.99 including postage anywhere!

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