GREEN PAJAMAS - "THIS IS WHERE WE DISAPPEAR" (SUGARBUSH SB067) NEW 2LP set 250 copies only buy it here!

GREEN PAJAMAS - "THIS IS WHERE WE DISAPPEAR" (SUGARBUSH SB067), a brand new 2LP vinyl issue for the first time of this legendary green Pajamas album. Originally release on CD only on the legendary UK Woronzow label.  A 140 gram virgin vinyl deluxe 2LP set, sealed with discs outside main cover for extra protection of the sleeve. 250 copies only. "Time appears to have little relevance for The Green Pajamas. The Seattle-based band, which remains virtually unknown after 19 years of recording, is just as likely to draw inspiration from 18th century literature as Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. Their recently released This Is Where We Disappear is a concept album that weaves references to ghosts, religion, lust, and love into compelling pop music.

Opening with the lush and psychedelic title track, The Green Pajamas establish an other-worldly ambience right from the start. Distorted guitars and layered vocals underscore lyrics like, “Now be still my goblin heart, It is time that we depart.” Singer-guitarist-keyboards player Jeff Kelly is the Pajamas’ chief songwriter, and he’s a master of poetic imagery. “The Moorland Ghost” refers to a specter whose “dress was blowing wild/A thousand ribbons in the wind,” while the acoustic ballad, “Softly, Elizabeth” echoes the eccentric charm of Barrett’s early work.“Matilda” rocks harder and features medieval style lyrics based on a 1796 horror story called The Monk.

On the lighter side, “The Waitress At The Old White Lion” calls to mind “Kim The Waitress,” which was recorded by The Green Pajamas in 1984 and later covered by Material Issue. “Sweet 16” is an exquisite pop song about a forbidden love, while “Wild Desire,” set to a primitive drum and bass arrangement, views lust as a disease. “The Wave (It’s Becoming Very Clear)” is a short, symphonic reprise of the title track, and provides a fitting coda for an album that deserves to be viewed as a classic." (Review, Illinoise Entertainer 2001) SHIPS JUNE 1ST

ORGONE BOX "CONFECTIONARY" ltd. edition vinyl of 120 copies, Powerpop classic

ORGONE BOX - "CONFECTIONARY" (SUGARBUSH SB069),  a straight reissue for the first time ever on vinyl of the 1996 Japan-only CD by Sheffield's ORGONE BOX. This abum, when first released, caught on like wildfire in the Pop community and influenced many a great artist - not least COTTON MATHER who took the blueprint for this album and developed it into 1997's KONTIKI.

"John Lennon is alive and well, and before you ask, no, he doesn’t have a monobrow. These days he passes himself off as Rick Corcoran, whose Orgone Box album from 1996 does Beatles-era Revolver better than any of those oh-so-hip US bands you could care to mention. It’s a real contender for the best pop-psych album of the last decade." (POPJUNKIE review)

120 copies only on 140gm virgin vinyl, no repress. But it now including free postage anywhere. (pictured are front and back sleeve design template) SHIPS JUNE 1ST

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