THE GREEN RAY - "Five Points of Light" on vinyl -pre-order here! Free postage.

THE GREEN RAY - "FIVE POINTS OF LIGHT" (SUGARBUSH RECORDS SB063), a brand new release on Sugarbush! The second album we have released by the legendary GREEN RAY, with roots in legendary UK bands HELP YOURSELF & MAN. The first album we issued by the band sold out over a year ago, and this one is also limited to ONLY 300 copies and will be a collectors' item soon.

After releasing the incredible 'Half Sentences' in 2017 their last album with the late Richard Treece and after the sudden passing of long time friend & bassist Jeff Gibbs, the band recruited Dave Mackenzie and continued gigging and working on the new recordings. Completed in the summer of 2019, 'Five Points Of Light' features Jeff on the songs 'Small Springs' & 'Before The Fall', as well as guest contributions from Howard 'Plug' Davies (The Attack, Screaming Lord Sutch) & also Duncan Kerr & Wayne Worrell (Plummet Airlines, The Favourites, The Brainiac 5). After summer 2019 gigs with very special guests Barry Melton of Country Joe & The Fish & noted French Guitarist Stephane Missri, the band continues to appear at The Brainiac 5's London residency, at The Gunners, Finsbury Park.

A lovely album full of stinging and Psychedelic San Francisco - tinged guitar that John Cippolina would have been proud of this is one incredible Uk / West Coast Hippy - Psych gem. Postage free and only £19.99 in total. Buy it here now (Shipping October)

The Green Ray


JEFF KELLY / GREEN PAJAMAS "BENEATH THE STARS, ABOVE THE RIVER" (SUGARBUSH SB061), a rare solo album from the Green Pajamas main man Jeff Kelly. Out on vinyl on Sugarbush Records!

Listen here!

"Kelly delivers these songs with an intimacy which brings them home and also propels others with convincing pop-rock (the guitar jangle Senor Senor which revert back to the greatness of Green Pajamas and Moon Over Granada touches the spirit of a more gritty Tom Petty ) or move towards a dreamy Mediterranean heat (Hush of the Southern Night).

Here,with musical influences from the Iberian Peninsula, his acute storytelling (Todo por la Gitana) and these sophisticated, poetic songs where he played just about every instrument himself, Jeff Kelly once again confirms he is a rare writer . . . especially when it now comes to wine, women and Spain."
Limited to only 300 copies, on 140gm virgin audiophile vinyl - remastered - sealed with disc housed outside the cover and in lined inner sleeve for extra protection. Only £19.99 including postage anywhere!  (out now!) 

Green Pajamas "Poison In The Russian Room" out on vinyl for the first time, 300 copies only - on Sugarbush

GREEN PAJAMAS - "POISON IN THE RUSSIAN ROOM" (SUGARBUSH SB062), amazing long lost previously CD-only cult album by Seattle's amazing GREEN PAJAMAS is out finally on vinyl.
 Listen here!

"Nobody likes to throw around terms like “criminally underappreciated” and “under the radar” more than rock critics, but it’s impossible to talk about the Green Pajamas without bringing those hoary old terms into play. Singer/songwriter Jeff Kelly has been leading the Seattle-based band since 1984 (not counting an early-’90s sabbatical during which he worked as a solo artist), turning out an endless stream of enchanting albums that feed on the spirit of ’60s psychedelia but always remain decidedly contemporary. The Pajamas are the kind of band that has long seemed ripe for a renaissance, maybe some flavor-of-the-moment artist going public with a deep Pajamas fixation, the sort of thing that would lend the group some hip cache. But it never seems to happen. After all these years, they remain, to use another well-worn phrase, a well-kept secret." (Prefix Mag)
Limited to only 300 copies, on 140gm virgin audiophile vinyl - remastered - sealed with disc housed outside the cover and in lined inner sleeve for extra protection. Pressed on green vinyl!  Only £19.99 including postage anywhere!

Dom Mariani 3 - "Garage Sale Compendium" new release on vinyl only on Sugarbush! Buy it here, free postage.

DOM MARIANI 3 - "GARAGE SALE COMPENDIUM" (Sugarbush SB060), pre-order the brand new album by Aussie Garage / Popwer-pop legend Dom Mariani. A vinyl-only sampler based on the original CD series from some years ago, this is classic Guitar-based Power-pop. Tracks include killer originals as well as choice cover versions. Beautifully mastered to bring out the power of the recordings and pressed, as ever, on virgin 140gm vinyl.

Click here to play a track of this great album!

Each disc is housed in a lined inner and shipped seperately from sleeve to ensure the cover arrives pristine! Add some of our other albums from our label to your basket by clicking HERE & HERE.

Buy this album for only £19.99 including postage (ships September 2nd)

THE GRIP WEEDS "TRIP AROUND THE SUN" out on vinyl via Sugarbush.

THE GRIP WEEDS - "TRIP AROUND THE SUN" a new Sugarbush licensed album for sale for the first time in the UK. As expected, Trip Around The Sun once again showcases the Grip Weeds’ guitar virtuosity and powerhouse rhythm section, but the band’s melodic strengths win the day with their trademark harmony vocals. The sunshine pop opening track, “Vibrations”, is just that – very Cowsills; very warm, POP with capital letters and delicious arrangements; “I Like Her” is a little more sedate, with restraint on the verses (reminds me of a slightly dark variation on “Love Is All Around”), but then instantly jumping into a poppy, upbeat, sing-song chorus and “Casual Observer (To A Crime)” charges out and grabs at you in that big, rock-pop manner (think The Posies), punctuated with on-the-one horns – this a BIG track, if you know what I mean, and it’s outstanding.  “Truth Behind The Lie” breezes along at 100 m.p.h., kicking in with charging guitars and three part harmonies – this is what a band who has mastered the art of pop sounds like, pure and simple – the riffs, the nuanaces – all of it; “She Tries” is another vocal delight, fleshed with reverbed guitars and harmonies on the verses, clean guitar fills – and a wonderfully surprising brief harpsichord break and the album’s title track closes out this collection; “Trip Around The Sun” is bouncy, angular, joyful and just explodes right out of the speakers – it’s bold and powerful and a damned fine way to wrap up the proceedings.

Buy it now at onlt £19.99 including postage

Grip Weeds - Trip Around The Sun

Trappist Afterland - "Insects In Amber" on vinyl - buy it here! Another fine Sugarbush Records release.

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "INSECTS IN AMBER" (SUGARBUSH SB054), the brand new album by ths cult act is out now. With bonus insert. The 8th album by Trappist Afterland issued on vinyl on Sugarbush records.300 copies only. Trappist Afterland was formed in 2010 and is the Psychedelic folk project fueled by the religious ruminations of songwriter and multi instrumentalist Adam Cole (oud,guitar, Lute,tanpura Bodhran,Vocals). The Band also features Phil Coyle (Tabla, Frame Drum, vocals) Nicholas Albanis (Bell Citern, Hammered Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery) and Lachie Henderson (Acoustic Guitar) Free postage: £21.99 all in.

Trappist Afterland - Insects

GREEN PAJAMAS "ALL CLUES LEAD TO MEAGAN'S BED" deluxe expanded & remastered 2LP vinyl - out April 7th, pre order here! Free postage.

2LP GREEN PAJAMAS - "ALL CLUES LEAD TO MEAGAN'S BED" (SUGARBUSH SB059), a brand new 2lp set - deluxe edition - remastered - with bonus tracks - 140gm pressing in lined inners. Only 250 available, with no repress!

""Following on from their 1997 "return from the wilderness" album "Strung Behind the Sun", the Green Pajamas return with arguably their strongest album to date in "All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed". There is no innocence here, the concerns are as often dark and ambiguous as they are elevated and joyous. On the flip side of delirious, celebratory treats like "The Secret of Her Smile" and "Queen of Sunshine" you'll find tales of obsession, psychic disturbance, madness and addiction like "Death By Poisoning", "Rattlesnake Kiss" and "The Laughing Horseman". The glowing mysticism of "Morning in Myra's Room" rises in the East like a pole star, eyes focussed inwards as infinity wheels around it, a drone symphony of guitars, keys, sitar and tabla, and yet another signifier of quiet greatness."
2LP set - £29.99 including free postage. Buy it now.

Track listing:

HELP YOURSELF - "5" released on vinyl for the first time, out now! Order here.

HELP YOURSELF - "5" (SUGARBUSH LP SB056) 500 copies on vinyl only.
This is a very special release, this. Legendary and much loved Uk band, HELP YOURSELF'S "lost" album "5" is finally released on vinyl. Remastered and with a redesigned Rick Griffin cover this is one fine album by this great band, with links to Man as well as the latter day GREEN RAY (whose album you can order from us here). " Out on March 7th but you can reserve your copy now, either with the ltd insert or without. Free postage and sealed with sleeve and disc seperate to avoid damage. £24.99 with ltd insert (250 copies only with insert) / £21.99 without (free postage anywhere). Buy it here now:

Help Yourself

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND SE(VII)EN on vinyl, back in stock now! Only £21.99 including shipping!

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "SE(VII)EN" (Sunstone Records), very limited and sealed copy, Only £21.99 including shipping anywhere in the universe!
"Se(VII)en is a further triumph for Trappist Afterland, a new jewel amongst their already burgeoning treasures. Perfectly formed for newcomers and old hands alike there is a profound vision and cohesion to this work that suggests a timelessness, that in twenty or thirty years this album will be seen as a classic psych release of this (or indeed any other) era. Seek this out without hesitation; highly recommended." (Active Listener website)

Buy it now:

Witch Hazel - "Otherworldly" new release on Sugarbush Records buy it now, free postage. Amazing Metal / Stoner Hard Rock classic.

WITCH HAZEL - "OTHERWORLDLY" (Sugarbush SB058), brand new release of one of the finest ever Hard Rock / Stoner Metal abums of all time. Released in a tiny quantity of only 300 copes on vinyl this is bound to be a massive collectors' item.
 From the opening notes this killer album by this Pennsylvania group does not let up. Amazing Fuzz guitars envoking the finest ever peresented by BLACK SABBATH & BLUE CHEER. The lead vocals would give Ozzy or Paul DiAnno a run for their money. The rhtyhm section is rock solid. Best of all the songs are incredible, tough, well constructed and super-dynamic & exciting. From the opening track "Ghost & The Fly" through "Zombie Flower Bloom" this album does not let up. 

What I also love about it is that it crosses over and appeals to Heavy Psych fans as much as to Hard Rock ones. But don't take my word for it, have a listen or read some of the incredible reviews:

 "Witch Hazel have been impressing audiences for over a decade with their brand of Hard Rock that's rooted in the 1970's - has everything from gang choruses to quiet Psych to Hard Rock" (Doug Sheppard, Shindig Mag)

 The fact that this album had not been licensed for release on vinyl is simply staggering, so glad we got it. 

Pressed on virgin 140gm vinyl. Disc is housed in soft traced inner sleeve for extra protection and sealed OUTSIDE the main cover to ensure safe transit. FREE POSTAGE only £21.99 including shipping anywhere - buy it by clicking this button (you can add other albums from our labels / distributed labels into one shopping cart by clicking the paypal buttons - if you have any trouble email us your order and we will send you a Paypal invoice):

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