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GREEN PAJAMAS - "SEVEN FATHOMS DOWN AND FALLING" (SUGARBUSH SB082), the first ever vinyl reissue of this classic Green Pajamas abum! Of all their great albums, his one may be the best stand-alone album, if only because it's got their greatest moment, the deliriously heart-warming love song "She's Still Bewitching Me." It's a haunting (literally), jangly pop delight, begging to be included on every mixtape you'll ever make.

Other highlights include opening track "Just A Breath Away," with its buzzing psychedelic guitar sounds; the folk-psych "My Visit With Magpie," sounding like the Strawbs crossed with late-period XTC/Dukes of Stratosphear; the insistent and catchy "Bronte Moon"; and the Beatlesque psychedelia of "Planet Love."  Overall it's a great introduction to an unjustly overlooked band; but they have a ton of great music, and you could spend hours just getting lost in their Spotify page.  There's also a decent career overview (Through Glass Colored Roses), though I find the selections diverge significantly from my home-brewed mix. This amazing set is limited to only 250 copies and we have tried to make the price as fair as possible, please remember the cost includes postage. We will also delcare a value of ony £7 for shipping outside the UK so hopefully any possible duties will be very low. Only £24.99 including shipping anywhere (UK, EU, USA and beyond!)

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