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TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "Burrowing To Light In The Land Of Nod" (SUGARBUSH SB046), buy it here on vinyl, free postage!

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND - "Burrowing To Light In The Land Of Nod" (SUGARBUSH SB046), a brand new release on our label. Released on a CD-r only back in 2012 this album now sees its first vinyl release. An excellent introduction to this Australian band / project who are ever evolving and are building up a dedicated following worldwide. Spiritual music at its best, here set in an Acid-Folk context but as deep and honest as Roots Reggae was at exulting Rastafarianims back in the 70s. With shades of Comus, Incredible String Band, Roky Erickson and with lyrics spiritual and sincere in content. Played on a variety of unusual instruments - for western music that is - all their albums challenge and delight in equal measure. Sometimes disturbing yet with a definite beauty as well as melody and grace. Seriously limited editions will ensure that these great albums are the collectors' items of the future and simply great records for now.

£19.99 including postage anywhere in the world!

Trappist Afterland - Burrowing To Light In The Land Of Nod

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